Gus Wing

Lydia Wing c/o Skydive Deland
1600 Flightline Dr. Deland, FL 32724

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Aw damn...Gus you were always one of the best things about Deland. Never a harsh word, always a smile. Though I've been away for quite some time your loss has touched me deeply. I wish you eternal blue skies

Henry Trammel

O ceu esta azul, o vento esta calmo, o pouso ja não importa, não preciso mais pousar.

valmir brittes coradin




I met Gus on my 21st birthday on my first sky diving experience. He took my pictures & shot my video. A video that I always treasure for his good sense of humor and his kindness.  Now I will treasure this forever.

Star Lester

todo pensamiento que exede el presente sofoca el corazon,no se entristescan que esta todo bien, el ya salio y salio de la mejor manera, volo por los mejores cielos y no regalo con sus imagenes lo que sus ojos pudieron ver, y como lo que se vio no tiene permanencia y fue indefinido, por eso no lo retengan tanto con el pensamiento que no lo van a poder liberar, dejenlo volar en su evolucion

ya que somos espiritus con experiencias humnas , el vivio lo que el tiempo que nos inventamos a pleno. sin mas que decir saludo a todo el mundo paracaidista para que sepan que no perdimos un amgo. ganamos un angel que ya esta donde corresponde y a donde queremos llegar.



"Those we love remain with us, for love itself lives on. And cherished memories never fade because a loved one's gone.......

Those we love can never be more than a thought apart,  For as long as there is memory they'll live on in the heart."

Lydia'tjie as ek so na al die boodskappies lees dan kan jy met trots se wat het Gus nagelaat in sy lewe - Sy wysheid, sy liefde vir sy sport, sy glimlag wat oral geskyn het, sy kennis van die lewe en mense ... en so kan ons aangaan..... maar die belangrikste is die liefde wat hy vir jou gehad het, dat jy sy lewe vervolmaak het!!

Hy leef voort in die sonstraal wat op jou sal skyn in die dag - hy leef voort in maanstaal wat op jou sal skyn in die nag..... hy IS nog altyd daar! Ons is lief vir jou en ons mis hom saam met jou......

Essie xxooxx
Martin en Stephan van der Walt
South Africa

I am French. I met Gus in June 97 in DeLand. He gave us some info about air video. He did it very nicely. What a nice guy! All my thoughts to his wife and his family.


 I see you there....

Lydia, take care...

Yann Bronnec

My relationship with Gus is just like many others. I was sitting and watching the Tandem training film and Gus walks in.  He immediately started picking with me and within minutes, I felt as if I had known him for a lifetime. I was blessed enough to have him as my photographer. I will never forget the image of being in the middle of my first freefall and having Gus 5 feet in front of me sticking his tongue out to get me to smile for the camera.  Although that was my only jump, I have made many trips to Sky Dive DeLand and I always looked forward to watching Gus interact with everyone, but especially the first timers.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Lydia, but I have seen her and Gus together enough times to know that there relationship was special.  My best to Lydia and Gus's extended family. Gus's presence will always be felt in the sky.

Joel Roach,  NC

I am thankful to Gus for having been one of the warmest and most welcoming persons on the DZ.

He always spent lots of time with the tandem customers and their families and friends. He took great care that they know as much about their own experience and skydiving in general before they left the DZ.

I thank Gus for gently and kindly pulling me aside to talk about keeping alert for other traffic while under canopy. He had followed and filmed me from my point of opening to my holding area. (he had been filming a tandem).  He showed me the footage and pointed out that not once did my head swivel very far left or right and I never once turned enough to look behind me and see him following. Then he passed below and to the left of me.  He turned and looked up at me over his right shoulder and waved.  I waved back. Afterwards, he made a copy of the dvd for me.  I had to force him to take some $$$ for the video. His advice and kindness to me were priceless.  He said, "Jeff - under canopy, you have assume that no one can see you, but they are still trying to kill you." The horrible irony of it all.

Thank you Lord for Gus's life, guidance and friendship.  Grant peace and safety to his family and friends. Amen.

Jeff Thompson


I just heard...yes, I live in a cave.

Please know that my heart goes out to you. Gus was an amazing man with a warm, kind and FUN personality.  Your obvious love for one another was beautiful to see.

Please be strong and reach out to your among them.  My heart goes out to you.

Jackie VanderPol

We had the privelage of having Gus as the videographer for my son Darin and husband Larry March 07, 2005.  He interviewed us and our friends Bill and Mollie who live in Deland. My son and husband had never skydived before and Gus did what I am sure he did best and that was to make the adventure ahead so much fun. we felt as if we had known him forever in just that short period of time. You could just tell he was a friend to all he came in contact with. We have all been thinking of him since the accident and just can't seem to get it out of our minds. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and closest friends, all of his FAMILY at Skydive Deland and everyone that ever was lucky enough to have Gus as their videographer. Rainbows ahead Gus,,,,, You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Most sincerely,
Rita, Larry, and Darin Cobb


I want to thank you for letting me experience my first jump with you!  You made me feel at ease from the moment the video started rolling! It was a pleasure knowing you and you will be missed very much!  God bless you and your family, you were a great man and will always be remembered by smiling faces :)

Elysa Straub


As the thoughts of working with you, building a friendship, letting you talk me into skydiving, and meeting Gus, come to me from time to time, I have to say, Thank You, Thank You, what wonderful memories. Gus was truly blessed to have you in his life.  You, and all those who are grieving this loss, are in my thoughts and prayers.  May God bless you and give you peace.

My Deepest Sympathy,
Jeff Townsend

I can't actually say that I KNEW Gus, but he was the videographer for my friend when we went skydiving 2 years ago for Operation Freefall at Skydive Deland.  I remember him because he was so upbeat and funny.  He made us laugh the whole way up on the plane. And he made my friend's jump very special.  After reading so many nice things about Gus on this website, I found it so amazing how one man could touch so many lives in such little but monumental ways. He will be missed in the sport and in life!

Blue Skies, Gus! We will always remember you!

Gina Smith

My brother (Matt), Cousin (Shirley) and I (Katie)were all at Skydive Deland making our first tandem jump (March 5, 2005), we were sitting in the store watching the video, signing waivers and were nervous and excited all at the same time.  Gus stopped our video and told us that we needed to come out to watch a 60 person formation dive.  After that he came back in and reassured us that everything was going to be fine, and told us what to expect.  He had a very calming effect on us all. Are thoughts and prayers are with the "Skydive Deland family" 

Katie Ames

I remember the first time I met you, Gus...and the last time I had the privelage of speaking with you. I feel you at work every day, through the words and photos of others, and I'm sorry that there wasn't more time to see the spiders. Thanks for watching out for all of us.


I will always remember his sense of humor and outlook on life. He was always so positive and willing to offer his advice to anyone.  For someome so admired and respected throughout the skydiving world,he was one of the most approachable people I have ever had the pleasure to knowing.  I met gus approximately 5 years ago and had the opportunity to have him film some of my AFF jumps. I have reviewed lately prior the the accident and marveled then on his professionalism and outlook. Gus will be missed greatly not only to Skydive Deland, but to all who ever had the privilege to call him a friend.


Sean P. Dwan

To have touched the hearts of so many people;
To have made such contributions to other peoples lives;
To have made so positive an impact in this life;
Gus was a being blessed with true talent and great skill.

Heaven has gained a very good man!

Gus - Heartfelt thanks from so many, for so many great memories

Denis and Jean Thornton

This is yet another sad day for me hearing of the loss of my good friend Gus Wing, we had many good times together at various DZ's shooting cameras for boogies, competitions, ect. Gus was always upbeat and happy go lucky type.. I"m going to miss you buddy as will the massive extended family you have. I"ll never forget you and your friendship we've had I still remember long ago in 1988 I believe it was when we was at Bill Booths home for the Grand showing of the Wings flick/X-mas bash, when we walked off alone and I told you I just lost my younger brother to cancer and you cryed with me sharing my pain, now I cry in pain once again losing a close friend.. Love ya buddy and Rest in Peace.

Blue Skies my brother you will be in my prayers always...

John S. Heine AFF-I / ev./ FF photo

I've been gone from DeLand and saw the sad news in a newspaper in North Carolina.  My heart is heavy - Gus shot my pictures and video when I did my skydive on my 60th birthday!  What an amazing man!! He'll forever be on my wall and in my heart!

Sue Atkinson

recuerdos y cariño de un diver mexicano
         to sky forever

Alberto Renteri Galvan

So sorry to hear about such a sad loss in the skydiving community.
Blue skies to you always, Gus.

Jim Ellis

Dear Lydia and family,

I only jumped once about a year or so ago. Gus was my photographer. Even though I have no connection to you and your family, I feel very saddened by your loss. May memories of Gus, in time, bring joy to your heart, rather than tears to your eyes.

God Bless You!
Julia Harvey

Dear Lydia,

I'm so sorry.  But lets still celebrate his life.
I only met Gus on a couple of occaisions, he was great.

Loss sucks!!!! But just please remeber how lucky you were to have your very special connection and love in your life. Not many get that. You were very blessed and so were we as a skydiving communiy for have him touched our lives.

Just always remember, with happy thoughts and memories.  Lots of people never get that.  We are a very special community. He loved what he did.  He touched many and shared his passion. So many will always thank him for that.


My favorite memory of Gus: one very windy day at the drop zone, everyone was whining and moaning about the winds, we can't jump, this sucks, etc. Except Gus.  Gus thought it was the perfect day to make bubbles. Gus loved bubbles and had his own special recipe.  None of that store bought crap for him! He knew how to mix the perfect bubble solution.  Gus drove to several stores in town until he found just the right ingredients, mixed up the appropriate amounts (I wish I could remember the recipe now) and mixed them up in big bucket.  He had a big, giant bubble wand and stood in front of the main hangar making bubbles.  Happy as can be.

I still can't wrap my head around this unfathomable tragedy. I love you Gus. You'll never be forgotten by the many, many lives you've touched. 

To Lydia, family, Bill and all off Gus' friends: there are no words to express my sorrow for your loss.  Be strong.  The sun will rise again.

Gus: see you in Heaven.

Your friend,

This one made me hit the floor Gus.......

You have great friends with you that we both know and love. The great memories you leave behind here on earth are forever precious - take care dearest friend.

In my heart I store the greatest memories of these times ........... going on forever.

Wendy kiwi

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