Gus Wing

Lydia Wing c/o Skydive Deland
1600 Flightline Dr. Deland, FL 32724

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Dear Lydia, my feelings wishes and love are with you, your children and your friends, who all are missing their beloved husband, father and friend. I never had the honor to get to know Gus. I started skydiving in April 2005, a few days before the horrible accident with Gus happened. I bow myself in front of his profession and professionalism. May all his love help you never to forget his skydiving legacy.

All the best

I've just dicovered what happened and am so sad to know that Gus has left us. I've spent few years working on the airport in deland, every day I was around the DZ or at the restaurant, gus has been so kind to me. I really appologize as I couldn't know what happened, but I'd like to send my condolence to Gus familly an all of you.

Gus is still living in my heart the way he was and he will remain the same as long as I will see the light.

So long my friends, I really miss you
the frenchy bald little guy

Sylvan Santos

One year now. Love you. Miss you.

 kim Emerson

23 April 2006

Dear Gus

Colin and I planted some seeds in the yard, and he said that if we give it lots of water it will grow and grow up to the sky to you in heaven.  Everyday we make sure to give it water and when it gets to you up in heaven please know that you are in our thoughts everyday, we love you and miss you, but we get comfort in the beauty around us in all small things that you always saw through your camera.



Gus was my friend and fellow skydiving cameraman who inspired me and all those who spent time around him he was always cheerful and happy to be of help. We will miss his smile and knowledge in the world of skydiving. Happy flying where ever you land Gus!!!!!
Your friend Bomber Mills

Adrian D. Mills

Dear Lydia - I just recently heard about about trhe death of Gus. When I owned Z'hills, he was surely one of the nicest, most pleasant jumpers it was my privilege to know. I mourn his loss.


Jim Hooper

I never knew Gus, but as a fellow skydiver I can appreciate his unique passion.  And as a fellow human being, I somehow miss him and the world seems a little less bright. What a gift he was - and is - I'm inspired to be a better person just by looking at this website. So, thank you Gus. And thank you to the people who understand the importance of gratitude. This tribute is his immortality. Thank you for sharing him.


I am very sorry for you loss.  Hope you are coping well. I lost my husband in a plane crash last Dec 23rd and still find it hard to believe. We have two children aged 14 and 15. It is so difficult.  Please remember you are in my prayers and I would love to keep in touch if you need to talk to someone out here in Australia.

God Bless and take care of dearself.

Love - Susie

Gus was a good friend of mine once when my son went to Deland by his self I called Gus and he said don't worry I'll film him all weekend and he did.  Gus will forever be remembered. Blue skies to all

Scott Stevens

Gus was a part of my first dive. He waited around with us for several hours, waiting for the clouds to clear over the jump area. His kindness and compassion made us feel at home...

Mark Higgins

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