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Lydia Wing c/o Skydive Deland
1600 Flightline Dr. Deland, FL 32724

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Thank you for all you are doing for Gus and Our friends. It would be nice if I could give these photos from my collection to his Wife. Here are 3 of about 1,000 from when Gus was teaching me more about photography. I will be at the gathering on Friday.

Carl Borowicz

My girlfreind and I had our first jump two weeks ago on april ninth.Gus was my videographer for my tandem jump.His sense of humor and his enthusiasm for his job made my first jump an experience of a lifetime.You dont run into too many men like that during your life.I only knew him for a few hours but he made me feel like we have been freinds for a longtime. May Godbless Gus, the Wing family, and the skydive Deland family. Gus you will be remembered forever!                                                          

BLUE SKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel johnson

We remember.

Bob "Giggles" & Amy Ramsey

I started jumping and stayed at Deland because of people like Gus. Most recently I was able to convince my dad to do his first tandem for his 50th birthday. Gus was my dad's camera guy and he took my father and mother aside and made such a point as he did with all the first timers to put them at ease and make something that can be so nerve racking nothing but one continuous smile. He was a truly remarkable man and he will be missed. Good Bye buddy.

-Mark Smith


"O' Great Spirit,
Whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to all the world,
Hear me! I am small and weak. I need your
Strength and wisdom.

Let Me Walk In Beauty, and make my eyes
Ever behold the red and purple sunset.

Make My Hands respect the things you have
Made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

Make Me Wise so that I may understand the
Things you have taught my people.

Let Me Learn the lessons you have hidden
In every leaf and rock.

I Seek Strength, not to be greater than my Brother,
but to fight my greatest Enemy

Make Me Always Ready to come to you
with Clean hands and straight eyes.

So When Life Fades, as the fading sunset,
My spirit may come to you
Without shame."


Gus has definitely achieved that. He was a kind, genuine soul; warm, unselfish and giving friend; dedicated, talented professional. All that in one humble human being!

He will be missed immensely. My heart goes out to you Lydia, his family, friends
and all who ever had the pleasure of knowing him.

Blue skies forever, Gus!
Dragana Jevtovic

Our love and prayers to Lydia, Aunt Sis, and the Wing men. Gus touched so many with his humor, kindness and his pictures.

Kim, Laura and Ginny

Hey Gus, I will never forget you....You always could turn a bad day or jump into something good. I enjoy this sport today because of you and alot of other great people I have had the pleasure to meet at deland. You where like the frat brother of the frat everyone wanted to get into.Thats what it is like visting deland and talking with with you.. I will never forget you or the great moments I was able to share with you... even when you where razzing me....I will never forget your words...

I feel a empty space....Hope to see you again .... My prayers for your family and your good friend Bill....You lived more in your lifetime than anyone could ever wish for....Fly Free bro.....

Chris Van de vier
Pembroke Pines, Fl

I had the privilege to get to know Gus Wing during my skydiving trips in Deland. Back in Panama, we pray togheter for his soul, and send our sincerest condolence to his wife and family from Deland...

blue skies!
Rafa Zevallos - Panama Freefall

After I found out Gus died I watched the video he took of my aunt and mom jumping in Deland. He was so happy in the video and he turned the camera to his face and laughed.  He just seemed so relaxed and free. I had such a hard time watching the tape.  It is so hard to realize that a man with so much life and love is gone.


It was last January and I was at Deland, FL. I traveled there because I had come to the conclusion that after forty years in the sport perhaps it was time to keep my feet on the ground but not before I made a film to watch from my rocking chair.

I had never jumped at Deland although I did visit there back about twenty five years ago.

At manifest I informed the girl that I was there to make a couple jumps and I wanted to make a video as I was retiring from the sport. She passed the word for a freefall photographer. Turns out the jumper who responded was Gus. We manifested after exhanging a few comments. Due to a delay Gus recommended we postpone the jump until morning due to the fading light. He patiently explained to me the advantage of proper lighting. I agreed.

The next morning I returned to jump. After a while Gus came to me and explained that he had received a call from home and had to leave but recommended a jumper named Mojo or some such name to do the filming.

The last time I saw Gus he was on a bicycle heading out. So I was shocked when CNN broadcast a report of a skydiver death after a collision with a plane. Subsequently I learned it was Gus.

I have lost a few friends during the forty years in the sport but I never got to know Gus. I am sure that I would have counted him as a friend if I had got to know him. So the door to Deland  will never open for him again but Heaven's door has opened and I am sure Gus entered.

Freefall Hall

That was sudden Gus. I know you didn't have time to prepare. See you so enough and I'll bring the duct tape.

Skip Kniley

I remember meeting Gus at the first womans 100-way attempt years ago, we hit it off right from the start and have been friends thru the years shooting the Nationals and other functions, I had a lot of fun with you Gus and you taught me a lot.. The sport wont be the same without you bro.. Rest in Peace my friend.

John Heine AFF-I/Ev. FF Photog

You spread your wings, taking off for good, flying high and forever, joining the formation of great souls and friends gone from this earth. Enjoy your flight in heaven.

Lydia, I can't imagine the loss you must feel........May your pain ease over time and be replaced by wonderful memories.

Eva Teters

Gus I am Honored to have known you!
I have NEVER met another Skydiver that has been So positive (well ,maybe Pat Works! )
Gus was a True SKYGOD!!!
I will Miss him, BUT am Proud that I got to meet him, and Jump with him!!


i knew gus through my son, bob crossman. he filmed my first jump with bob at our side. living in massachusetts, i had only met gus a few times yet i cried when i heard he was gone. i know that he leaves a big hole in my son's heart, and i'm sure the same can be said of his extened family at the d.z.

don crossman
e.longmeadow, ma.

Every time I went to Deland, there were always certain people you wanted to run into, you were always one of them. Always had a smile and an uplifting comment, going to Deland will never be the same without you there.  Too many times I remember you taking time to show a video, give some advice or just offer a smile.  I know you are skydiving with all of our brethern that went before you, ya'll have fun!

Blue Skies!
Art Shaffer

This is such a tragedy.  He was a good man and will surely be missed.


I just learned of the news, and it's taken a while for it to sink in.  I am so saddened by this. He was a Good Man, a Very Special Being. It's strange how you only come to truly appreciate people when they are gone.

I will miss you dearly, Dearly,

Jorge A. Linares

We only met a few times, and only for short minutes. But it was enough to never forget about this inspiring person.

From the whole of the belgian military parachuting team

A tragedy and an immense loss to the sport. My deepest condolences to Gus' family and friends.

John Stewart

Hi Dawn,

I'd like to offer my sincerest condolences to you, and everyone in Gus's extended skydiving family.

What a loving tribute you put together for him and Lydia. My heart aches for Lydia, her parents, for Bill, for you, and all Gus's family and friends. I hope your wonderful memories will eventually help to dry your tears and make you [all] smile again.

Blue, blue skies,
janet Lundquist

I met Gus for the first time at the Boogie in Bali in 1989.  He immediately struck me as a fun loving, honest and great skydiver/photographer. Basically, one of the "good guys." I've jumped with him over the years on large ways and a few times in Deland. I'll miss his big grin and hug when I come to visit. But I'd like to think that he'll still be "lurking" on some of the loads!

Blue skies forever --Gulshin

one of the best guys i ever met. i will miss you brother.


Dear Lydia,

As a family member from South Africa, but presently working for the United Nations in Afghanistan, I have never had the honour of meeting Gus. But at least I know you since you were born.

When I look at the photos of Gus and yourself "experiencing" together the wonder and challenge of flight, I realise I would have loved to meet him, and share this experience with both of you. Unfortunately my own challenges in Afghanistan, have restricted us to visit you both in America - and now it is too late. It is however never too late to share our love and condolences on your loss.

May God give you strenght to accept the loss, and the wisdom to nurture the thoughts of Gus, and support to work through this difficult period.

You are in my prayers.
Jean Lausberg

I couldnt believe it when I heard about the tragedy on CNN.  My condolences to you and your family.


I first met Gus back in '89 when I was just 18. He was a total gentleman & when ever we bumped into each other around the globe, his dry sense of whit would always leave a lasting impression, to say the least! His dedication & love of our sport showed us all how life should, and could be lived. He was without doubt the finest photographer I ever had the pleasure of knowing. My heart goes out to all those who knew him. He was truley larger than life, and I'll miss you mate.

Fly free.
Stuart Meacock


Was the guy with the smile that never went away. Had so many great jumps with Gus and even better nights drinking and BS over a beer. He will be missed by all and is a great loss the the skydiving world.

In our hearts
Blue Skies

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