Gus Wing

Lydia Wing c/o Skydive Deland
1600 Flightline Dr. Deland, FL 32724

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Van ons almal hier in Suid Afrika wil ons net ons innige meegevoel met jou betuig met die skielike heengaan van jou man en eggenoot, Gus. Ons dink aan jou en ons bid almal vir jou in hierdie tyd van beproewing.

God se rykste seŽn aan jou en die familie!

Fred en Karen Marais
Harry, Celia en Corrie
Gary Karin en kiddies

Gus was the man with the smile that never went away did not matter what was up the SOB always had a smile on his face, I had many jumps with Gus over the years, but also had some great nights with a beer at the end of a jumping day. The Skydiving world has lost one of the best.

Now you are safe.

Andy Grimwade
X DZO Skydive Sebastian, Florida

I will always remember you and your good advises. All my best vibes and thoughts to Lydia, relatives and Sydive Deland family.


Oh Gus,

Im so sorry and very very sad. I was watching a video of you under canopy. Big grin as you told the camera what a crap skydiver i was :-)
I last saw you 2 years ago, i missed you in that time. I wish i could come see you and hold you. I wish i could tell you that i loved you, but guys dont do that ... do they.

Gus, i want to do anything to fix this and it hurts to know i cant.
I am lesser now

I love you
Tom Caulfield

I learnt to skydive at Deland and as a novice you always felt a little inferior and out of place, but I remember Gus always having the time for a friendly word of encouragement or just a smile and hello.  Now as an experienced jumper I also make an effort with beginners or 'low numbers' - a lesson Gus taught me and one that I will never forget.

Philip Najmann HAC Skydiving Team UK

I met Gus in 1988 on a hot dusty day at Zephyrhills when he limped onto the Drop Zone in a beaten up station wagon he called La Bamba. His clothes were

in a cardboard boxes under his skydiving gear and cameras. From the moment I met him I knew he was someone I wanted to know better. Our paths continued to cross in Deland, Palatka,and Europe. He taught me to love but I didn't know it at the time. He was kind, generous, funny, caring, creative and one of the best photographers on the planet (according to Norman Kent and he should know)!

Gus had a heart like no other man. I am truly sorry that he is gone. Lydia, you made him happy and his heart soared on a wing with you in his life.

Thank you Gus for touching my life. May you find great places to soar with those that have gone before.
Heather Bisiker

My deepest sympathies to family and friends. I worked with Gus at the UVA photo lab and watched his love for photography and skydiving grow.  He shared many of his early photos with his friends at UVA. Gus was a great guy and will surely be missed by all.

Greg Pels

 I am so proud of you little brother...and as sad as I have ever been.  
I'll see you in the sky, Gussy


Gus Wing by Chad StillingsI met Gus the very first day I was ever introduced to skydiving. He photographed my first tandem and was an instant role model to me. I would have to say he's one of the sole reasons I continued jumping. If given one more chance to speak to him I would say "Gus, thank you for all you've done. You've shown me the pathway to a life where nothing matters except for myself and the air around me. Blue Skies, Gus....Blue Skies."

Chad Stillings

I can't beleive that you are gone. It seems like only yesterday when I was leaving Deland to start my career in the big city and you were sending me off with gifts.  The round piece of wood that you found on a Grand Canyon trip that you gave to me and said, "don't forget nature while you are inside sitting at your desk."  The t-shirt that says, "dream journey", because you knew I was going off to chase my dreams. You will be so truly missed Gus.

Lydia, I never got to meet you but last time I was home visiting I ran in to Gus at the dz.  His smile seemed like it had grown ten times its size when he told me that he had found you and had gotten married. He seemed to be completed and content. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of our extended DeLand family. I am coming home to say good-bye.



I wish I knew the words to express to you how much everyone will miss Gus! Gus made the world a better and brighter place for everyone.  The Skydive DeLand family will never be quite the same. My love, thoughts, and prayers are with you!

Blue Skies,

Gus Wing High School Photos

We are so saddened by the news of Gus.
Our family (the Bowens) grew up with the Wing family in Mclean, VA.
He was a wonderful guy and a wonderful artist, and will be surely missed. Our deepest sympathies are with all of his family and friends.

I've attached a couple of photos from our high school year book...

Lindi R. Copeland

Gus Wing High School Photos

Loved seeing him from time to time --allways made me laugh. Bit him on the belly once wrestling around. Will never forget the look on his face. What a great skydiver and person to have known. He lived the great life with a wonderful wife.

Jon Sikorsky

Gus Wing from Hunter Roberts

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."
                         -Oliver Wendall Holmes

You have been one of those new experiences that have stretched my mind to new dimensions. You have touched both my wife and I immeasurably. You helped me not only to see the creative side of camera flying but to also maintain the safety as well. I will never forget your words, spirit and devotion to the sport. May your wings touch new dimensions. Our love and prayers are with you Lydia.

Hunter Roberts

Gus Wing from Hunter Roberts


It was a pleasure to skydive with you and your friend Norm Kent in North Carolina and the Para- Olympics in GA with the Golden Knights. We spent a few weeks together and inspired many people. Jim Teaters called after the accident and the first thing I could think of was how I was going to help you. I called in a few favor but was to late. I know you will be missed by many but not forgotten you have left a legacy of your hope and inspiration . I to lost my best friend in a mid air collision 11 years ago on the golden Knights , tragedy accidents are unexplainable. My heart goes out to Lydia and your extended family we cannot forget. God bless you Gus for whom you are and what you left behind I will see you again. Your friend and buddy

SFC (R) Dana Bowman Golden Knights

Gus was the man that helped introduce me to the sport that changed my life forever.  He taught me many invaluable things and scolded me for not being "as safe as I could be".  Looking back i realized that Gus loved each one of us just as much as he loved skydiving itself. A man like this will be missed for all eternity.

Blue Skies,
Ryan Buckley

Lydia and family,

I am so sorry for your loss. I'm a member of the 150-152 club and a number of our members knew Gus. I know words seem empty at times like these, but please know that to have been loved by a woman like you would have been a blessing in anyone's life. The perpetual smile on Gus's face indicates that you two are really something special. My heart goes out to you during this time. 

Gary Shreve

I don't usually go in for this kind of thing
I am truly bummed.

Since we were separated by ~ 2500 miles most of the time I did not know gus well.  What I did know of him, I truly liked. Our paths first crossed in ~ 1981 at the old z hills when gus was kind enough to make a jump with a visiting 50 jump flailer from ohio (me).

Next time I saw him was at one of the cold Ėass freeze your buns off boogies that mike lewis used to run.

Then we finally got to know one another a bit better at sebastian when we were working on Norman's From Wings Came Flight. I found an old Parachutist in manifest that he had written an article in for which also included his photo ( you know the one where he had that goofy sideways open mouthed grin on his face <grin>) The picture was at least 10 years old and I thought it would be funny to cut it out and tape it to my helmet. He noticed it right away while we were in the plane and got a good laugh.  We continued that over a few beverages and conversation that night.

It sucks when our friends bounce and I think it really sucks when my friends bounce.

Be safe brother
craig fenstermaker

Eight of my family members tandem skydived for the first time about 1 1/2 years ago, and I had the fortunate opportunity of having Gus video taping my dive. I had over two years to prepare for my skydive, but those 2 years did nothing to quail my fears. Gus was a real pleasure to be around.  He helped me to relax and enjoy the adventure, which I did very much. I was very saddened to hear of his passing.  I am praying for you and your family as you greive your loss of such a kind man.

Richard Arndt

I didn't know Gus but as a resident of DeLand, I'm sure I must have seen him many times in the skies over the drop zone.
My heartfelt sympathy goes to Lydia and all of his friends in this very sad loss.

Trish Deveaux

Dear Dear Friends.

Gus was such a good person. I knew him 4 over a decade. He helped me tremendously with my video projects. I owe him such a debt for his service and support. I loved his sense of humor and his silly laugh. I loved his war stories &sitting with him at the bar was always the highlight of my trips to DeLand. I loved Gus. I am truely beside my self with sadness. I pray for his loved ones, 4which I know he has thousands.

marcus antebi

Dear Gus

By example, you showed us how to be a positive difference to our world.
Such wisdom and love.

Blue Skies always for your loved ones
Ronnie Hughan

At times like these words are never enough - but faith can carry one through...Our sincerest condolences to Lydia and Family.

You are in our thoughts and prays,
Erich and Family
Stuart and Family

I had just made another bad landing when this guy walked by and said "You gotta talk to your canopy". For some reason, that moment froze in my memory and I took the advice to heart. The guy was Gus Wing.

Dan Nietupski

Hard to know where to start...

I am privileged to have met Gus on many occasions, during regular visits to DeLand, a place I consider to be my spiritual home. Gus filmed me and my buddies many times, and always with kind words of advice and encouragement, and no mind of our lack of ability.

Evenings at DeLand were made memorable by the man's wit and no little wisdom over a cold beer at the end of the day. We could fill a book with the often hilarious quotes he came out with, and to say he had become 'legend' among our little gang is no overstatement.

So much more than a 'video flyer', Gus was a true cinematographer, always looking for that beautifully framed and photographed moment, a fact his work bears testimony to.

It's a measure of the man that we could be so affected by this tragic news, even though our paths crossed for just a few weeks each year. I cannot possibly imagine the pain that Lydia and his family now bear.

Not just the skydiving world, but the whole world, is a much poorer place for his passing...

Giulio Zicchi

From the Skydive Lebanon DZ, late 80's, early 90's, I can call Gus a friend. I learned a lot about photography from him, but tuned him out when he talked about my flying.  I thought I was the best jump pilot you ever saw. Even George Ireland agreed. Then one day, he gave me a tip on how to fly jump run. Close one eye and watch the drift. It worked. Thanks Gus. 

Those summers, Gus "lived" across the dirt road from me in the "La La Land" campground. He would party with us into the wee hours, but the next day, he was all business, "Safety First, Fun Second."  Thank you Gus for your inspiration. I'm graced that our paths crossed.  Lydia, you have been blessed.

Do you Lebanon old timers remember, "Stan, Stan, he's our man. If he can't fly us, no one can.

Blue Skies to All...
Stan Barbas

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