Gus Wing

Lydia Wing c/o Skydive Deland
1600 Flightline Dr. Deland, FL 32724

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 Wild man, gentleman, artist, innovator, lover of life, and friend; he was all of these and so much more. Gus was one of a kind, for sure, and there will be no other like him. My wife and I are fortunate to have had Gus touch our lives over the years.

 Lydia, we love you and you are in our thoughts continuously. Gus was the luckiest man in the world and his life became so much better after he heard you utter the question, "Could I have ten minutes of your time?" You completed him and stretched ten minutes into a lifetime of love.

 Bill, you are loved, admired and respected by more people than you may have imagined. Our thoughts are with you as well. You are also one of a kind and one of the "good ones" just like Gus. Stay strong and feed on the love and energy we all feel for you. My life continues to be enriched by having you and Lydia as my friends.

 There is a deep hole in the sport and in my heart. I'm going to miss Gus' smile, unmistakeable laugh, sly wit, firm handshake, and presence on the drop zone. Most of all, I'm going to miss my friend.

Mikey Darden

Photo by Gus Wing

We are devastated by this tragic accident. Gus and Lydia are friends and will always be considered family. Lydia was instrumental in having my mother (Ethel) fulfill a dream of hers when she was 83 years old. Gus was the charming, delightful frosting on the cake. He made her feel special and very much at ease. It was truly a special day for all of us. The future sky divers will miss a wonderful experience by not having Gus along. We love you Gus, and Lydia our prayers and thoughts will be with you.

Ethel, Sandy, Denise and Rick

Gus & Lydia Wing

I first met Gus at Skydive Deland around 7 years ago, I had just started doing freefall camera and was looking for some advice, Well I met Gus, whom I had seen in video's and heard a lot about, it was so nice that he took the time to listen and give me good advice, I could tell how passionate he was about skydiving, and that he really cared about his fellow skydivers, we met on a few occasions after and shared a drink or 2 at the airport bar, he was always very approachable, helpful and just a great person to be around, it is a tragedy that this accident has taken him from all of us. he has left this world and moved to the next, leaving a lot of people with some great memories through his friendship and his work. My thoughts go out to his wife, family, friends and colleagues.

Richard Bryce

My condolences go out to Gus and the family. It would appear that we live by the same mantra: some people live long lives but have never lived, while some of us do our best to live to the fullest.

I am new to this sport having only jumped once. but i can feel Gus never wanting to stop jumping. Theier is nothing in life more liberating then the freefall.

Once your gone you can never come back because your out of the blue and into the black.


Wow Gus, what an example of how to live an incredible life... 

I imagine, when he meets God and "HE" looks into the Book of Life to see if Gus's name is there...that not only it is there in Bold...but also written next to it are the words "Well Done!"

Sending Love & Light your way...
Mark Wooldridge

I was one of the many that had my first jump filmed by Gus.  Like the others, I will remember his smile and his laugh. My sister and I jumped on my mothers birthday.  He made a point to remind me to say Happy Birthday to my mom.   During the jump, he turned the camera on himself and wished her a happy birthday. It is amazing that one man can have such an effect on people.  This May we are jumping again.  I will be jumping in tribute to Gus. 

God Bless and Blue Skies...
Susie Ford
Denver Colorado

We hold a very special place for all the Wing family in our hearts, because very few people have touched our lives like all of your beautiful family. God is watching over you and over those who have left this world. Our love and prayers are with you always. 

The Pellegrini's

We met Gus in Z Hills in the early 80's. He developed his pictures while we drank beer. We made a film for British TV about a 72 way record attempt with Tommy Piras and a guy called Guy(remember those days) I couldn't get my head around jumping more than one camera so bought two of Gus's pictures for I think $50. He told me that no one had ever bought a picture of his before let alone two so he bought me a beer. For the next 25 years he became part of why we visited America. To see Gus, Norman and all the great guys.

Last time I saw him I was learning to fly a Birdman suit & asked him if he flew one. His answer was just Gus."There are people who Bird and people who Board - I board." We'll all miss him lots.

Leo & Mandy Dickinson

My childhood and skydiving memories are filled with Gus,... His life has touched me. I am glad I got the opportunity to  experience his influence to DeLand and skydiving. He will be missed greatly.

Katie Chann
a.k.a. "punk kid"

Oh Gus, your time on this earth ended far too soon. I knew Gus from working at Skydive Deland, he always had a smile on his face and was always willing to share his words of wisdom.I always admired Gus and Lydia's love for eachother, it was so beautiful and special. We miss you Gus, Deland is just not the same without you. For Lydia- stay strong, I wish I was there to give you a big hug.

Blue skies, fly free...
Krystal Pettigrew




I've been only once to Deland (and saw Gus), I just joined a 4-way FS team took me as their vidioot. Very excited to be there, but had to learn alot (this being my first serieus 4-way team I was videoing). Gus took the time to talk to me (a rookie) and to learn me a great way of exiting the otter and gave me pointers for the grand caravan (which I jump at my home DZ in The Netherlands). I still use these pointers and he was of great help during my time there. The news came to our DZ at the end of a jump day, the impact was inmediatly felt. Almost every experienced skydiver knew Gus one way or another and we exchanged stories. To cause such an effect so many miles away, illustrates what kind of a person Gus was. He will be missed.

Paul Renting

Good bye Gus - best wishes for the next chapter. I'm sure you will keep an eye out for us from wherever you are.
Much love to Lydia.


Sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you. Though I never had the chance to meet Gus I did enjoy his work.

SSG Hugh Kelly

Gus, of all my Deland family, I liked your trailer best. This is a cloudy day with no place to go. My thoughts go out to the family and Lydia. Bill, go forward. Gus would want that. I'll be thinking of Deland on Friday.


Five years ago I arrived in DeLand with my Wife and two kids from Brazil and started to work as a cameraman where Gus Wing was just my boss, after while working together in this enviroment where we get to see each other every day

our relationship went thru some conflicts because our different ways to see things around us.

I would say because of that our relationship became stronger and stronger every day,there was no room for lies or mind games whatever Gus or myself wanted to say we would say to each other whatever it takes, and without saying that we were going to change our behavior we just did, unconsciously and most of all with a huge respect from each other.

Now we are friends, he makes me laugh every single day always by using his outstanding knowledge about pretty much everything.

Gus talked a lot, with anyone and about everything, using always clever comments and giving good advices.

I have found in Gus Wing everything that I was missing since I lost my Father and all his knowledge years ago and now that I just lost my Father again me and I know a lot of people have to live now with this endless gap and sadness forever.

I'll miss you Gus...a lot...

Edson Pacheco

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of GUS. I met GUS back in 1988 when I used to work at FLYAWAY in Tn. He filmed the first 4 jumps I made down at warm springs GA. I lost touch with him when I joined the military in 91. I was down in orlando this past two weeks and was leaving on sunday. Then I heard about the accident on saturday and felt really bad. Gus was a really nice person and a Great person...

Thanks Gus
randy morgan

Had the privilege of sitting alongside him on many a trip up to altitude at The Ranch. Very distinctive white jumpsuit with the "Sector" badge on his chest and, what looked like, a bazillion pounds of still- and video-gear on his head.

Blue skies man, blue skies!

Gerry Murray

It's a tragic when friends hurt themselves skydiving, it's even worse when those people have such a strong impact on skydivers everywhere.  This is what I have heard about Gus.  Although I have never had the lucky experience of meeting him, I've heard nothing but great things about him, the things he has done, and how he has contributed to the skydiving community. He's touched so many people, and made all of their experiences so much better. It helps to have a friend like that.  Lydia, I'm so sorry for your loss, please know that Many of us are here for you in any way that we can possibly help. Gus won't be forgotten, he's free, flying high.  Gus, we love you.


Gus once said to me - "When I am laying on my death bed, I want to be thinking about all the great times I had, all the people I met, all the places I saw and all the things I did. Not thinking about all the people I screwed over and all the trouble I caused."

I carry that with me every day and have for years - thanks for that great thought Gus.

TK Hayes

This was no ordinary life. This was a life well lived and well loved. A life that will be deeply missed.
Praying for you in your time of sorrow.
Deepest sympathies to Bill as well.
God Bless the entire Deland Skydiving Family.

Michael Hare

Photo by Gus Wing

This was one of Gus's earlier Parachutist's cover. The pilot, Bob Churchill, actually snapped the pic, but it was Gus who made the camera mount for the tail of the Cessna and it was his camera. The guy in the yellow helment is me. Look up at the U in Parachutist. There is another airplane. This is how we did 8 ways way back in the olden days.

Jumping with Gus was great. Nights at the dz were even better. Has he ever talked about the "Mountain View" with any of you Deland people?

I have not seen Gus for about 15 years, but I feel his loss as if I had jumped with him yesterday.


Thanks for the advice you gave me.

My condoleance to your next of kin,
Martijn Maas


I spent the year of 1985 jumping at Orange VA with Gus and the rest of the Orangers. Gus took me on my first CRW jump and taught me the majority of what I know of CRW. Which isn't much since I never did it often, but I had a blast jumping with him. He and I traveled together to Florida one year for the Easter Boogie, and he was always a happy face to run into over the years.

I hadn't seen Gus for several years, but figured I would run into him again somewhere sooner or later.

I really wish I had run into him sooner.

We all miss you Gus.
Mike Vordo

I spent the year of 1985 jumping at Orange VA with Gus and the rest of the Orangers. Gus took me on my first CRW jump and taught me the majority of what I know of CRW. Which isn't much since I never did it often, but I had a blast jumping with him. He and I traveled together to Florida one year for the Easter Boogie, and he was always a happy face to run into over the years.

I hadn't seen Gus for several years, but figured I would run into him again somewhere sooner or later.
I really wish I had run into him sooner.
We all miss you Gus.

Mike Vordo

I met Gus not long after I got off of student status about two and a half years ago. He would sign my log book and tell me all the reasons skydiving was so great. I really looked up to him not only for his talent in skydiving but also his attitude for life. He was a great man and will be greatly missed. My prayers go out to him and his family.

Erik Fay

Gus ,

I've been so ill, fighting to stay alive and 7 years ago was forced into early retirement , hanging up my wings.
Guring this time into my life all I had were prayers and memories, GREAT MERMORIES!!!
I almost became a Skydiving Camera Woman and was inspired with Gus's help and also back then the evolution of 3 major change in the Skydiver world.

1) Video skydives became with mimi camcoeders, that made it possible for someone like me to be able to wear that weight.

2}Freeflying was still cutting it's teeth n the ability of 3 dimentonal "controlled manuvers, from Mike Michigan and Jeff Barbonia...that needed camera documentation and were then unleashed.

Gus I believe helped with that..along with filming snall things such as Tandoms to the world records accross the globe.  I had already bought my camera and Gus and I were in a great relationship that it was great that he had started to use this new video gear and was sharing with me how to set it onto a helmet and stay safe.

3) The entire Zero P. materials not just under canopies but jumpsuits too! That was definitly another major change with the years. Being a Camera meant floating above the formations not beneath & that was another issiued that had to be sorted out, Gus was an inventor and lead the Video Skydivering with his ability to overcome any and all changes to succeed and was right up there with other camera skydivers, including Norman Kent.

Without these guys and gals. there was b "secrets " to help you become a good cameraman. He was fitting my helmet with my camera when my car accident ended that dream for me.

My most favorite memories that seem just like yestuday..once we were sitting over at Bill Bachmans..last man standing. We watched the sun rise.he turned to me and smiled and said..I LOVE THIS SPORT!

We are being so decodent! I laughed and told him it took years of training to accomplish that!   He always smiling. I loved him like a brother, always very dedicated in the art of Skydiving with or without his cameras.

Life is sometimes cruel, I would love to see Gus . and you guys know who I'm talking to, that we often wait too long to apprciate your friends and family. It all should embrace each other while we can exspress it to other AFTER their death.

Gus, You WILL be dearly remembered and we all cared and loved you. Bill, I'm so sorry, I know how much you and Gus liked each other, this must be devestated beyond belief. I want you to know that as your long time friend, I am here feeling your pain, and if you need soothing, or me.   Beth Bird 352 583 4334

I was already planning to come over to DeLand with Mary Hellmer..I haven't seen anyone for at least 7 years, this has put a damper on that and will come over probably next week instead. I can't have a visit with anyone. I'm stunned and please do not think it's disrespect..instead, I'd rather grieve at my own home, in my own way.

I love and have loved both Bill and Gus.   Anyone that wants to talk to me can call.

Beth Bird

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