Gus Wing

Lydia Wing c/o Skydive Deland
1600 Flightline Dr. Deland, FL 32724

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A huge loss to skydiving and life; the man, his creativity and his unique style. Gus was always a first port of call when visiting Deland, checking his video room, talking over what's new and seeing how much more duct tape can be added to a single helmet. I'm so glad I saw him so recently, I'm so sad I'll not see him again but his work and memory will live on. To Lydia, Bill and all who were close to Gus, my thoughts to you as well.

simon ward

our family has a broken heart. russell and his whole office staff feel your loss. g-d bless the whole family, our thoughts are with you.

russell and amy goldberg

It was a foggy morning when I did my first AFF skydive at DeLand.  And, there was this guy, walking around, taking picture of the dew on the flowers, spiders, and other small things that most people would miss. I went on to marry a skydiver, at where else but Deland.  

And Gus was there, he was always there, and he will always be, that guy who noticed it all, a guy who lived life.

Jonathan Martin

Godspeed Gus. We'll see you again someday

Ed Hauck

I visited Deland numerous times over my nine years of skydiving and Gus just always seemed to be there. I now look back over these years and realize just how much knowledge I acquired from Gus about safe skydiving. He always seemed to be able to give me a tip or critique one of my mistakes just at the right time and in just the right way to make me remember it for the rest of my life. The funny thing is, he was never one of my formal instructors. He was just one of the photographers that worked at the DZ and who always seemed to keep a watchful eye out for the safety of others. I now pass on the knowledge he so graciously gave me to students I encounter.  Gus, you truly will be missed.

Blue Ones... My Friend

David Lachman
Johnson City, TN

I guess I was about three years behind Gus at UVa, and a year or so behind him in jumping. I became a "regular" at Orange in the spring of '79, and Gus was certainly one of the most vivid characters out there. Although I didn't get to see much of him after I headed out west in '83, it was always a treat when I would run into him in Z-hills or Quincy or wherever. I last saw Gus during one of the very last events of my jumping career -- before retiring due to children and mortgages and whatnot. I'd gotten a little bit of stunt work for the movie "Navy Seals" back in the summer of '89, and Gus was there helping Norm Kent and Tommy Sanders with the filming of the jump scenes. I think he found my role there to be rather amusing.

Anyway, I've got hundreds of great Gus memories, and I haven't seen him in fifteen years. There must be millions of Gus memories out there with you all. Cherish them.

My deepest condolences to all his family and friends.
Bruce Florman


We'er gonna miss ya,

Blue Skyies from The old farts
Carl Clark

I did not know him but still feel the pain. My condolences...


Blue Skies Gus...

My wife Brenda and I send our thoughts and prayers to your family, friends, and extended family at DeLand and throughout this incredible sport we call skydiving.

Robbie Culver

Wow, I feel so empty knowing that Gus is not with us at this level ever again, his time was set by a horrible event, that I know that I've feared at times. Gus gave to me an appreciation of Skydiving, aerial photography and what its like to truely enjoy the things that life has brought us. I am deeply saddened, but appreciative of the years that I knew him.

Gus , you will be missed but not forgotten. Blue Skies and more.

RJ Boyden

I'm not even sure where to start. I saw this web site posted on ebay & just had to come look.
My heart goes out to Lydia & her family. I too lost my husband suddenly about a year & a half ago. He was only 42. Young like your Gus.

All I can say is that I know how Lydia is feeling. As much as other's want to comfort her & take her pain away, it's something that just doesn't leave. Each day is difficult but something about hearing another person who's going through what I am just breaks my heart more. I can't explain it. It's like I don't want anyone else to know how it feels so...
when ever you are up to Lydia or if you ever need to speak to someone who Knows how you're feeling, I'M HERE!

All my love,
Cindy Tipton

Every time I come back to skydive deland, no matter how long I have been away, it always feels like I am coming back to family.  Gus was one of the warm faces I always looked forward to seeing. 

Gus you will be missed deeply and forever in my thoughts.
Sacha Duff

hey blues to everyone im new to the sport but reading everybodys comments really made me feel for you and yours. hit your slot up above buddy

Joe Borninkhof


you are spreading your wings somewhere else now, thanks for all your advice and attitude, you will be missed.

My sincerest condolences to Lydia and family.

Jari Kuosma

Gus had a talent for showing a skydive from the perspective that it was meant to be seen; the way it felt, capturing the beauty and emotion from the eyes of the jumper. He was and will always be the first jumper that comes to mind when anyone talks about safety. He instilled the extra 'safety' thought into the countless jumpers he talked with. There have been numerous times when "What would Gus think?" crossed my mind before I tried something new or adventurous, and a time or two when it just wasn't worth it.  Thanks Gus. Maybe I'll be added to the list of lives you've saved by making us think.

The winds just aren't worth it...

Carmel Cammack

Gus was always the type to correct you when you needed it, but always with a smile.  I consider myself lucky to have been given the oppurtunity to take some of my lessions from him. 

I wasn't really going to keep your wrench. Ever. 

You will be missed.
Krystal Koch

Hi Lydia. All through I never meet Gus He was a mentor to many of us SkyDivers through his travels around the world filming all of the jumps that he did Sadley now is is gone But not forgotten.He is looking down at us doing what he did best.He is with God Filming all of our skydives.

My sincere reguards.
God Bless You And Yours
Lake Whales, FL

people can only strive to make the difference you have gus.  what an incredible influence you have been to so many people. you will be sorely missed gus. give joe a hug for me.

lydia, i don't have the words. i can't stop thinking about you and what you're going thru.  you are loved and you will find the strength to get thru this. what you can't find, your friends will provide.

bill, you too are in my thoughts and i hope you realize how much support and love you have here.

to gus' family, my sincere and deepest condolences.  he was a good man and sleep well knowing he made a difference.
what a gem.


Carried by friends

We fall through the air wanting to fly.
We are carried by friends who give us this ability
They are thew ones who have flown on their own
and now allow us to fly
Showing us the way
They are the ones who scold us when we have done wrong,
praise us when when we shine
They are our brothers and sisters
Our family
Our way

Gus...How lucky you are flying all around rainbows..Inside and out..taking those pictures! Of course we miss you here on Earth, we know though, your in a much better place! Happy Skies Gus! We'll meet again.



Wow. It HAD to be just a name coincidence.  Albert Wing.  (who knew his name was Albert....)  I met Gus at Perris back in the early early 90's.  I told my friend Norman Kent that the only reason I ever got to know Norman was because of Gus being kind enough first to welcome me into their circle. And when I hurt my tailbone on a landing one time, I got this postcard out of the blue, with some very bizarre thing on the front, and it said, "So, you busted your butt. Congratulations."  He always made me laugh. 

But the most amazing transformation had taken place when I saw him again, ironically, for Deanna Kent's memorial.  Gus was in love. He talked about Lydia, and how wonderful she was, and he sparkled and sparkled in a way I had never seen before.  He literally glowed with a new life and new energy that he found in his love for and with Lydia.  Lydia, I don't know if I even met you back then, but I want to say THANK YOU for bringing so much life and love and wonderful energy into the life of Gus Wing.  I can only imagine what a horrible loss you are experiencing, and my heart goes out to you with thoughts and hope to let the comfort and love of your friends surround you and sustain you. Blue skies.  Blue skies, Gus.  Thank you for being a great great person, with wisdom wit and love. 

-Mary Pat Avery

To all of Gus' friends and family, my sincere heartfelt condolences. I met Gus my first week on the job at Skydiving Magazine back in '89. As a newbie to the area and only a measly few hundred jumps, he welcomed me with open arms. His wit and inspiration will not be forgotten. Even after I left DeLand and married a whuffo, whenever I came back to visit every couple of years, there was Gus "the rock" to welcome me back and even spend the time with me to down a few beers with us in his off time. I never got to meet you Lydia, but I know you were his inspiration.

Love to all,
Kathryn Rocheleau (Omelchuck)

as far I remember from you, you will always keep this picture of nice "teddy bear ". you had a very high idea of the sport, which definetly did not bring you back as much as you gave. Always thinking positive when it was about time to take a shot.

eric Fradet

The instant I heard of the accident on Saturday evening I went to the web. When I saw that it was Gus, it knocked me off my chair.  I could not believe that this could have happened to someone with so much experience. He was a master of playing it safe. He was checking out one of my camera mounts one day and said '... that will catch a line.  Better tape it'.  Two months later I line snapped a video lens right off the camera (cameras were bigger in the 80's). He was right. 

I think that the first time I met Gus was at the Nationals.  There were a few of us photographers sitting around and I remember talking with Gus and Norm and Keith after sunset and thinking to myself .... 'This guy [Gus] cracks me up.' He had a great way at looking at the world and he had a quick wit.  I loved his accent (if you come from california...he had an accent). He always made me laugh. I haven't seen him in over twenty years, but I still can picture him as if it was yesterday. I look at the pictures on this site and I think ... 'this guy doesn't age. He looks exactly like he did when we last jumped together.

I look at the photographers that we have lost that were some of the pioneers Bob Buquor, Carl Boenish, Mike Jenkins, Rande DeLuca, Gus Wing.  I called Norm yesterday morning and He was devastated.  He lost a dear friend and he was a mess.  Great losses do that to you.  They were great friends. 

I look at this site and read the messages. This kind of outpouring doesn't happen often.  You have had to have made a significant impact on the lives of people and your community to garner this kind of response. 

Just like everyone else here ... I will miss him.
Ken Crabtree

When I first met Gus I did not know who he was, he was very friendly and kind and had no clue who I was, and he didn't care, later I found out he was "Thee Gus Wing" I was impressed by his humility and have respected him ever since.  I am very sad that he left us so early.

John MacDonald, Flying Hellfish

I had the pleasure of meeting Gus in Nov of 2003. We came to Deland to visit our cousin Hannah Barnes. The previous month my husbands sister had passed away from lung cancer. She was 43. My husband had always wanted to skydive. He did a tandem jump which Gus videotaped. We spent quite a bit of time talking to him before and after the jump. You should be very proud. He a was Funny, kind and compasionate man. We had 4 children with us and he found the time to talk to all of them. In the short itme we knew him he made a impact on our lives. To this day all of the kids remember Gus. We were so sorry to here of your loss. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Sincerely Stephen & Jayne McGibney

Gus Wing & friends Mark & Candi


We took this picture of Gus, Mark and Candi in March 2005 during our ski trip to Colorado. It was an amazing trip and we all had so much fun... We miss you Gus!

Anelise and Maddog

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