Gus Wing

Lydia Wing c/o Skydive Deland
1600 Flightline Dr. Deland, FL 32724

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Photo by Gus Wing

My personal favorite skydiving photo was taken by Gus.

That's my daughter Katie doing a tandem with Bob Hallet. Rene Gelinas and I followed them out.

Gene Chann

Lydia, Family, and Friends

I recently started skydiving at Skydive Deland back in late Febuary and haven't stopped since. I met Gus around the time I was still in AFF, and saw him nearly everytime I was out at the Drop Zone. Seeing how I was a novice he took the time to give me a pointer or two here and there. Any questions I had about safety or any other concerns I had he always took the time to answer them.

The thing that stands out most in my mind about Gus is the amount of enthusiasm and passion he had in sharing his Knowledge and Love of skydiving. Whether it be with a Novice fresh out of AFF like myself, 1st time tandems, or just tourist out to watch landings from the deck. I remember numerous Saturday mornings where I would be hanging out in the Perfect Spot on a long wait for the plane or on the deck and I'd watch him talking to new comers to the sport or visitors with questions, and see their eyes light up with excitement. Everyone in the near vicinity had no choice but to turn and listen.  People would just gravitate towards him; there would be crowds around the TV when he played his videos, people who never concieved of jumping out of a plane would sign up after talking to him. I know that by the number sparks I saw him ignite in people's hearts for skydiving he had a true gift and by looking at his pictures they could speak far more than a thousand words.

When I think about how short a time I've been in the sport and how many people's lives he touched in that short-time span, and multiply that a couple thousand blows my mind!!!I regret not getting to know Gus better seeing how often I've been at the Drop Zone lately; but I'm honored to have met him. Gus may be gone but he is FAR from forgotten.

My most Sincere Condolences, Jason Lee

I hope your enjoying the blus skies up there with your new wings.

Jason Lee


Fly with me, Gus

Blue sky's
Nick from Belgium

Blue Skies Forever...


Some of the memories I have of you are so special Gus. You always seemed to have a kind word, a hug, or just a sweet smile from across the way. Always I would receive this from you when it was just what I needed, but when I was too afraid to ask for it. Don't know how you always managed to do that, but it was wonderful, and during some very sad moments in my life you gave me just enough hope to know that everything would be alright.

Lydia, know that there are many powerful prayers being said for you right now. I cannot begin to imagine what you are experiencing.  Watching the two of you together was always an inspiration for me, and I know that the love you and Gus have impacted many other people the same way.  That love will continue on forever.

Bill, I hope that you also know how many people care about you and support you.  Life can throw some very difficult turn of events at us, but don't let this stop you sweetie. You'll be in my prayers.

May God bless you both, and everyone else whose heart is breaking.

You will be missed Gus, but you will stay with us forever in our memories, our stories, and in our hearts.

Jaimie Johnson

Very sad to hear of this tragic accident - one of those where you wish you could wind back the clock so Gus and Bill could have another chance and miss that terrible fatal collision. Gus will be greatly missed - what a great guy.

I first met him at Deland in the eighties when the DZ was a regular stop off point for me for some fast recreation and Gus was always there. Then in the nineties we worked together with Patrick de Gayardon, Bobby Overbey and Norman Kent to flight test an IMAX rig in freefall. Gus was always the cool, calm professional.

For story and pictures of the IMAX test jumps go to and click on "publications and articles" then click on ""Skydiving with IMAX"

Adrian Warren

On my 50th birthday my children gave me a present I will never forget. It was a chance to skydive. Gus did my video and he made me laugh as as he was taping me. I will never forget those moments. He did an excellent job with the video and I will cherish it forever. Thank you God for letting us have Gus in this world, please let him skydive in heaven.

Pat Gleason


Ons is so jammer om te hoor van Gus se ongeluk.  Alhoewel ons hom net eenmaal ontmoet het, sal ons hom altyd onthou vir sy liefde vir jou, en sy opwekkende persoonlikheid.

Jy, jou Ma en Pa is in ons gebede in hierdie moeilike tyd.

  Ons is lief vir jou.

Duncan en Tilla

Gus, you were always very kind to me for the past year at the DZ. I will always remember the time that we got to spend together and will always keep the training and comments to rely upon during my skydiving career. May I be as safe and as knowledgeable as you were at some time in my life. Blue skies. I know that you will take a great video of the great BIG WAY in the sky......B

Brett Hilliard

Though I didn't have extensive conversations with Gus during the 3 years of weekend jumping in Deland I gained respect for him as a skydiver, photographer, and general great guy.  He always offered a hand and was concerned about safety and did a great job making tandems feel at ease. What a tremendous loss. 

Lydia, the only times I recall Gus jumping without a tandem was with you and I saw how he lit up so much to be in the plane with you, I always thought that was a very special bond you both shared.

Lisa Sorrentino

Fly on my Good Friend!

I'm in shock.

You were one of my first friends in Skydiving and I took advantage of your vast knowledge and loquatious nature to help make myself a safe skydiver. It worked! Thank you! I, along with thousands others will miss you.

I wish I could be there to console you.  I'm comforted in the knowledge that so many of our family are.  My thoughts are with you.

Dave Starr

I live in Virginia and have heard many stories about Gus. 
May his memory live on in all of us who dream of flight and love.  Here and over the rainbow, as well.

Fly free Gus.

Harrison wallace

On my 50th birthday my children gave me a present I will never forget. It was a chance to skydive. Gus did my video and he made me laugh as as he was taping me. I will never forget those moments. He did an excellent job with the video and I will cherish it forever. Thank you God for letting us have Gus in this world, please let him skydive in heaven.

Pat Gleason


We dont know each other, but my brother Michael Costello knew Gus. Michael died in 1997, when his reserve line broke releasing it into the main chute, he saved his tandem student, by rolling over and taking the fall. And that is what kind of guys they are all. My heart broke again, when I heard about Gus, even though I didnt know him it just hit a spot in my heart and I want you to know my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Kim Costello

This was my first jump without instructor after finish AFF with Pedro and Irene at De Land in 2003. You told me to get out last of the " super otter" and I just didn't understand why, you spoke to the pilot, and after 10 second the plane was under me. You make my biggest experience as a skydiver, Gus. I have all my jumps (6 visits) at De Land after this, and every time I was looking fore Gus! In January you weren't there. I was very happy I saw you back again at "perfect spot", and that you were back again in March. Everyone told me you were the legend, the best in the world, so I always look for you, and the big camera helmet when I arrive to De Land.

To meet Gus Wing was one of my biggest resent to go to US for jumping..

I, am very sorry fore this accident, Gus, and I know skydivers and others all over the world miss you, and don't understand….

Thank you fore everything, and fore helping me with my canopy, Gus.

Deland will not be the same place to come back to after this!

Blue skies, if you are there, Gus.

A small regards from one of your fan in Norway.

Photo by Gus Wing
Photo by Gus Wing
Photo by Gus Wing

We had the opportunity to meet Gus when he filmed our son Jason's 1st tandem jump. Skydiving was the topic that Jason chose to do for his senior project in high school. Thanks to the wonderful job that Gus did with the video and pictures that project earned an excellent grade. Our family and friends were all at Skydive Deland when Jason made his jump and Gus made sure to capture everyone in our group on the video. Gus made you feel like you had been his friend forever when he talked to you. We have been back for several more tandem jumps and each time Gus would stop to say hello and chat awhile. We were so sorry to hear of his death. The skydiving world has lost a very unique and caring person.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lydia and the entire skydiving family.

God Bless and Blue Skies Forever!

The Brannock's
Terry, Patty, and Jason
Orlando, FL

Has it only been 13 years, Gus?  I learned a lifetime from you...  You are still so alive, I feel you in the strong winds, the rain, the sunrise, reminding us that you will always remain a source of love in our hearts and souls.  We remember the first bike you gave to Michael, the books you gifted our kids, the kind thoughts and funny words you have shared over the years. I know you are rejoicing, you lived your life so.  We will always remember you.

Lydia, please know how loved you are.  I so wish there were words to help you - I wish you peace, love, a sense of fulfillment. Gus honored you, you were and remain his sense of completion.

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in a manner so that when you die
the world cries and you rejoice."
~Native American Proverb

Be in peace Gus, we hold you forever in the Light. The snowball juggling is such a crack-up.  So Gus...

We miss you,
Rebecca and Kurt Gaebel
Mike, Erika, Annica, Drew (kleine Kurt)

Gus...I miss you so much already. Deland won't be the same without you.

Do you remember? You were the first person I met at Deland. I walked into the packing hangar with a suit on after an interview and you said "You look lost"..I said I'm looking for Ray and you said he's the guy with the red, white and blue eyes with piercings..can't miss him. LOL..your sense of humor was classic. Another time was when I was in manifest during Scott Miller's canopy control course after I slammed into the knees were trashed. You stood there quietly staring at my knees and I said "what?" and you said "that'll teach ya what NOT to do!". I said "Hey, Gus, come on..give a girl some sympathy here..." and you replied "ha! no way...not from me anyway" shook your head and laughed as you walked off. Who the hell is gonna tease me now? You cared so much and wanted only the best for all of us. I'm still in shock that this happened to you. You will NEVER be forgotten.

C Ya in the Blue Skies my Friend...Your Spirit will be with us on every jump.

That crazy blonde "Katee"

Gus & Lydia Wing

Gus and Lydia realaxing after a long day of fun last month!

No time on earth is long enough to share with those we love-
 Thank you Gus, for so many happy memories.
 Thank you Lydia, for making our friend so very happy.

Mark & Candi Procos

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